AICAR is a substance composed of various amino acids and for many reasons it is extremely interesting for athletes from various fields. First, AICAR is an important pharmacological research compound used primarily as an AMPK activator, a mechanism in the human body that primarily positively affects fat burning and protein synthesis. AICAR is a compound that has been shown to have extremely radical effects on fat loss and endurance in experimental animals. In addition, AICAR is extremely popular, as evidenced by elite cyclists using this substance in a targeted manner. In addition, AICAR is increasingly well available and increasingly popular in weight training. However priced relatively unaffordable in terms of cost.

However, it must be said in advance that the successful doses are very costly for cyclists and are not comparable to dosages from bodybuilding.


AICAR’s primary mechanism of action is the activation of AMPK. As we now know, ATP, the adenosine triphosphate, is produced by the mitochondria as an immediate source of energy for biochemical processes in the cell. These processes use neither glucose, nor fats or fatty acids as energy source: these must first be metabolized in the mitochondria to deliver ATP. When ATP is used as an energy source, it first becomes ADP, that is, adenosine diphosphate, then, when the cell is truly lacking in readily available energy sources, it is converted into AMP (adenosine monophosphate).

AMP accumulates only when the cell lacks energy. Accordingly, there is a system whereby the cell recognizes a low energy status based on the concentration of AMP that is present and, in response, activates AMPK.

In return, AMPK increases the conversion of energy sources, including fatty acids, into ATP and, in addition, stimulates a number of other systems in the cell.

Activation of AMPK thus causes the entire metabolism to go at full speed, as in a radical diet, as if the cell lacked energy, e.g. through intensive training or a low calorie intake.

AICAR is effective in activating AMPK in sufficient and quite substantial concentrations and deceives the body to a condition as if training had been done and therefore fat needs to be burned.


In terms of strength training and bodybuilding, with the aim of increasing endurance, or drastically accelerating a diet, according to experience, dosages of at least 100mg are necessary to achieve an effective effect. However, in the field of cycling doses of 500mg up to 1g daily are known and proven. In this case, AICAR becomes an expensive fun that only a few can afford. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to start and increase with 100mg as AICAR is very potent. Those who can afford it should inject 500mg daily for over 4 weeks. The general duration of use is 4 weeks. AICAR is administered subcutaneously, preferably in the abdominal fat.

Side effects:

Even from the areas where the highest was dosed, there have been no great announcements regarding side effects. So far, we know:

– Heavy sweating
– Headache
– Hunger attacks

This Article is intended to clarify this topic and in no case as advice, recommendation or other advocacy of misuse!

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