Thymosin-beta4, better known as TB-500, is an extremely interesting peptide. Due to its extremely fast general and wound healing effect, it is a kind of healing booster for athletes after an injury to be back on the ball as soon as possible, which can be a huge advantage especially in strength training after surgery or the like.

TB-500 is a peptide that can be used to promote healing, increase the range of motion in the event of injury, or relieve pain in the event of injury by reducing inflammation. Until now, the use in humans is not widespread and is currently limited to people who like to experiment. The use in the field of equestrian sports, however, is very common because it is a non-prescription animal drug. It is believed that it is also used by professional athletes, such as footballers, so that they are as soon as possible ready for use again.


It is recommended to inject TB-500 in cases of acute injury, where experience has shown that healing is slow, or in cases of chronic injury that would otherwise fail to heal.

In the body, thymosin-beta4 is produced in the thymus, a gland that is the largest in children and decreases in size as adults age and is virtually nonexistent in the elderly. TB-4 is also produced locally in different cells and is found in particular in wound fluid, as well as in a fairly high concentration in the plasma of some cells. In fact, thymosin beta4 is able to promote different forms of wound healing, promote stem cell production, and drastically reduce inflammation. The TB-500 peptide sequence is identical to the active region of thymosin-beta4 and has many, and possibly all, properties of thymosin-beta4 in a form that is much cheaper to produce.

TB-500 is known to at least partially stimulate the growth of hair lost due to androgen-induced hair loss, and to be able to give a darker color to at least the part of the hair that has grayed out , In addition, it is reported to promote muscle growth in horses. The latter could be based on the promotion of stem cell production. Bodybuilders who have used TB-500 for the purpose of promoting healing generally do not report such an effect. However, it is possible that this effect has occurred but has been attributed to other causes, or that this effect has not occurred, since TB-500 is generally used only during periods of injury which do not tend to be a time during which one best gains trained.

The types of injuries that are aided to heal include tendosynovitis, torn muscle fibers and strains, but could include many other types of muscle and connective tissue injuries as well as skin injuries. If muscle injury results in impaired flexibility, TB-500 can provide significant improvement.


The most common dose is 2 or 2.5 mg TB-500 twice a week for a period of 6 weeks, after which the injection frequency is reduced to one or two injections per month as a maintenance dose. The injection is subcutaneous.

The knowledge of the optimal dosage of TB-500 is very limited. The dosing scheme described above could be the most effective as it is the scheme for which most experience reports exist. It is also possible that the method of use will change with increasing knowledge and experience. An alternative option would be, for example, to increase the dosing frequency to 3 injections per week or to increase the dosage to 4 to 5 mg twice weekly. However, before going to such a program, it would be best to try the standard dosing scheme first.


Possible increases in efficacy through a combination of TB-500 with growth hormone or a GHRP. Although TB-500 alone can be remarkably effective, at least some people will get better results by combining TB-500 with growth hormone than by using TB-500 alone.

Alternatively to the sole use of TB-500, the healing effects may also be enhanced by a combination of TB-500 with a GHRP (such as GHRP-2, GHRP-6, ipamorelin, or hexarelin), or a GHRP / Mod GRF stack.

Side effects:

Side effects of TB-500 are not yet known, but this is also related to the fact that it is a fairly new peptide for human use and the experience limits are limited.

This Article is intended to clarify this topic and in no case as advice, recommendation or other advocacy of misuse!

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